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How Small Businesses Use Technology

Today, 70% of small business owners say keeping up with the latest technology is important to the success of their company. In particular, maintaining an online presence, including a mobile website, is an important digital component for small businesses to keep in touch with their customers. Explore how small businesses are making the most of the latest technology tools.

Behind the Scenes Using Tech for Business Management
Open for Business Using Tech to Provide Better Customer Service
Gearing Up Hardware Utilized by Company

Behind the Scenes Using Tech for Business Management

As smartphone and tablet usage rises, businesses are seeing the advantage of using these devices and other technologies for internal operations.

Inventory Operations

85 % Purchase Supplies Online
18 % Use Mobile Apps to Manage Operations


27 % Use Mobile Payment Processing
72 % Use Electronic Bill Pay
83 % Manage Bank Accounts Online
44 % Manage Payroll Online
18 % Accept Mobile Payments
17 % Want to Implement


45 % Conduct Meetings Online
59 % Conduct Calls or Conferences Online

Customer Service

40 % Offer Product Listings on Mobile
20 % Offer Location-Based Services on Mobile
44 % Have Menus on their Mobile Site
11 % Offer Mobile Reservation Booking

Benefits of Tech

  • Effective Project Management

    Many web-based project management sites such as Basecamp and Trello have popped up across the internet. Using these cloud-based services lets small business owners and employees easily collaborate in real-time from anywhere in the world.

  • Accomplishing More with Less

    With social networks, cloud, and software and web services such as Quickbooks, Salesforce and RightSignature, small businesses can easily manage and automate tasks without needing a large team to get it done.

  • Improved Personnel Logistics

    Whether it's a quick email reply or a full client presentation, mobile devices allow small businesses to expand their search by enabling owners and employees to take care of business outside the office.

Benefits of Tech Gearing Up Open for Business Intro

Open for Business Using Tech to Provide Better Customer Service

Today, many small businesses are going beyond having just an official company website and establishing a full digital brand through the mobile, apps and social media to better provide customer service.

Digital Brand

82 % Have Traditional Website
34 % Have a Separate Mobile Website
23 % Want One
18 % Have Mobile-Optimized Website
39 % Offer Mobile Vides
5 % Have a Dedicated Mobile App

Social Media

19 % Allow Customers to Leave Reviews on Mobile
73 % Utilize Social Media Marketing
  • 57 % LinkedIn
  • 50 % Facebook
  • 26 % Twitter
  • 24 % Google+
  • 19 % YouTube
  • 10 % Blogs
  • 6 % Pinterest
  • 3 % Wiki
  • 3 % Foursquare
  • 2 % Instagram
27 % Do Not Use Social Media
70 % Have Social Media Enabled Mobile Sites


17 % Want to Implement
31 % Want to Implement
17 % Offer Mobile Coupons
44 % Advertise Through Social Platforms
71 % Employ Email Marketing
23 % Offer Text Message Marketing
17 % Want to Implement Mobile-Based Loyalty Programs
Behind the Scenes Intro Gearing Up

Gearing Up Hardware Utilized by Company

Small businesses have made the jump from desktop to cloud — with 43% of small businesses using cloud services in 2013, a 760% increase since 2010. But they still need hardware like smartphones to allow employees the mobility to connect with their customers and manage company needs. Here's the type of hardware small firms use.

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